ICICS Introduction.

2019-12-06 01:32:58

The ICICS was founded in 2016 by the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

The work of the ICICS is aimed at the organization and holding of international conferences; help in preparing materials and publishing articles in the Scopus and WoS publications; organization and implementation of international projects between Ukraine, Russia, and China in the field of education technology, computer science, energy, physics, mechanism, and mathematics, etc..

The ICICS is the exclusive partner of MECS Press, in this regard, scholars may be given the right to submit their articles to the journals under the support of the publisher.

The mission of the ICICS is to transfer information to the world community with a view to further deepen knowledge, education, training, and research.

The ICICS provides the following service for the researchers:

1. Help to organize the conferences for the University and Institute, and help to publish the conference book, which can be indexed by Scopus or WoS database.

2. Help to publish the book of student conference by MECS Press.

3. Help to publish the monograph and book by MECS Press.

4. Help to get the International Grant between Ukraine and China.

5. Help to get a small grant for the article publishing in Scopus and WoS indexed journals.

6. Help to get a small grant to participate in international conferences.